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Leaving Legacy in the Right Hands.

Akel Law is an Estate Planning Law Office in Tampa, Florida that helps our clients guard and direct their assets when passing this life.

The Who and Why

Naseem Akel, Esq

Naseem is an Estate Planning Attorney in Tampa, Florida who offers services statewide. The field of Estate Planning Law provides a constant supply of unique challenges. While Akel Law focuses on all clients in Florida for estate planning services, Naseem has taken extra steps to focus on services for Tampa Bay and the surrounding cities. 

Planning For Death is Challenging

We know that people often wait until it's almost too late, but there are many things we can do to prepare. We also know why it gets put off. It's difficult to plan for passing. What really makes that worse is a long drawn-out court battle over what happens when there's no plan.


We create estate plans that ensure smooth transition of passing assets after your death while also trying to eliminate going through the court process (probate). You can rest in peace knowing that your legacy passed the way you intended. 



Estate Planning

Your estate is your choice.

Your estate is the net worth of all your assets. An estate plan sets rules for handling your assets in the event of incapacity or death.


Asset Ownership in Court

When assets that you own upon your death need to pass ownership, probate is a court supervised process for handling this transfer.

Creation of Will/Trust

Plan before Probate

The will or trust directly governs how your assets will be distributed and whether or not probate is necessary.

A Drop in the Bucket.

Most people assume they can go through life without thinking much about their will or what will happen to their estate when they pass. What the average person knows is just a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of information that a well-versed estate planning attorney knows. This can change everything when it comes to peacefully passing along your assets after you pass. 

Connect with us

When someone is passing it's too late to plan. It can be a mess. Get in front of it, and reach out to us. We'll help.

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